Oboe "Solovey"

Due to the variety of configurations, oboes "Solovey" can be used from the begginer level to advanced and professional level also. We select the wood for oboes very carefully so that each instrument sounds worthy. 

Due to the unique characteristics of the Russian alloy used for mechanics, body materials - wood or composite, the oboes "Solovey" have a fast and vivid response, as well as light blowing and light weight.

The composite instrument "Solovey" is designed to start learning and is weatherproof. The body material is made of composite, which has uncreased mechanical strength. This material has a number of advantages: non-toxic, easy to care for.

The wooden instrument "Solovey" with composite upper joint (as option) is designed for advanced musicians, which can be suitable for as well college education. 

The fully wooden oboe "Model X" is designed for professional musicians. The body is made of aged black African wood of the highest standard (composite upper joint also available), which allows you to achieve a perfect balance between sound quality and durability.

Our oboes are equipped with advanced mechanics that ensures accuracy and easy of play. In addition, the oboe has a semi-automatic conservatory system, which makes it easy to customize the instrument for different types of fingerings.

Standard features

• Black composite body

• Keys: nickel silver, thickly-layered silver plated

• Semi-automatic conservatory model


• Classical oboe case

• Swab and care cloth

Additional features

• Grenadilla wood body

• Сomposite upper joint

• Gold plated posts or keys

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