The production of wind instruments is one of our priority goals and we are painstakingly working to achieve it!

Russian instruments

The production of wind instruments is one of our priority goals and we are painstakingly working to achieve it!
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Full cycle of bassoon production
Russian National Orchestra soloist Andrey Shamidanov says the following: "I advised Atelier Goncharov work masters instruments sound and intonation at the last stages of their development and research works. The result is impressive: how quickly they were able to perform such a great job and get very good results suitable for playing in a professional orchestra!"Student and professional models are currently in our production. Instruments customization, anti-play mechanics and many options are available for every taste.
Bassoon crooks production
The determining value in instruments’ tone quality depends on this detail. We make crooks from brass, copper and silver. Cover them with silver and gold. Different sizes are available depending on instrument’s architecture.
Flute production
Our flute production is based on new flute-making technologies developed by Jim Fallon. They made many difficult moments easier and allow you to make professional-level instruments mechanics-wise in the price segment of student flutes. The final price depends on the amount of silver and gold in the instrument. Varied line of flute heads allow you to find a suitable option for different musicians.
Oboe production
The Atelier Goncharov oboe is a 100% Russian-made instrument that has been developed by John Armstrong and in conjunction with Yakov Urin, Vladislav Vrublevsky and Philip Nodel. All production is done in the Atelier Goncharov factory in Nizhny Novgorod - 300 km east of Moscow. The scale is that of a well-known French makers but the Goncharov team has improved the tone hole geometry by using a small elliptical undercut on the larger tone holes of the both joints and bell (traditional undercuts are circular and make a larger cut on the sides of the tone holes where the curvature of the bore dictates). The new style undercuts has improved response and flexibility in all registers. There are special raised forms for the tone hole where more than one hole open under a pad in order to facilitate pad instillation and creating an effective pneumatic seal. The mechanism is made from strong nickel-silver with a nickel content of 18% and plated in a durable nickel or silver plate. All metall parts (such as tenons, keys) are turned or milled from solid nickelsilver rod or sheet.

Performances with our instruments

“Solovey” bassoon testing by Andrey Shamidanov
“Solovey” bassoon testing by Ivan Shatkovsky
“Solovey” bassoon testing by Vladimir Markin
M.Kupferman - Moonflowers, Baby! E.Petrov (on the clarinet of the Goncharov's Studio)
A.Prishchepa - Triptych - SAINT Quartet (on the clarinets of the Goncharov's Studio)
I. Muller - Quartet for clarinet and strings 3rd movement (on the clarinets of the Goncharov's Studio)