Bassoon "Solovey"

The Atelier Goncharov bassoon is a 100% Russian-made bassoon that has been developed in conjunction with Andrei Shamidanov (Russian National Orchestra) and Daniil Valiykevich (Nizhny Novgorod Opera Orchestra). It is fully equipped with 26 keys and 9 rollers.  The wood is seasoned flame maple from the Caucasus region of southern Russia. All production is done in the Atelier Goncharov factory in Nizhny Novgorod, 300 km east of Moscow. The scale is that of a well-known German bassoon maker but the Goncharov team have improved the tone hole geometry by using a small elliptical undercut on the larger tone holes of the long joint and bell (traditional undercuts are circular and make a larger cut on the sides of the tone holes where the curvature of the bore dictates.) The new style undercuts have improved response and flexibility in all registers. The bassoon has hard rubber tone hole tubes that protrude accurately into the bore for all finger holes and also for the Ab and G tones on the butt joint in order to avoid water damage to the maple. There are special raised forms for the tone hole seats where more than one hole opens under a pad in order to facilitate pad instillation and creating an effective pneumatic seal. The mechanism is made from strong nickel silver with a nickel content of 18% and plated in a durable nickel plate. All large brass parts (such as the U-bend and Cup on the butt joint) are milled from solid brass. The hand-hammered bocals are silver plated brass and are copies of Heckel bocals.

Standard features

  • Seasoned flame maple from the Caucasus region of southern Russia
  • Nickel-plated keys, posts, bands and boot cap
  • 26 keys and 9 rollers
  • Hard rubber tone hole tubes
  • German bell ring (3D-printed ABS-plastic)
  • Composite bore in wing joint, bores of the boot
  • Wood hand rest
  • Neck strap ring

Standard keywork

  • Full German key system
  • Rotary style right hand whisper key lock
  • High E key
  • High D key
  • Rollers for left little finger E♭ and D♭
  • Rollers for right little finger F and A♭
  • Rollers for right thumb B♭ and F♯


  • Two professional T bocals


  • BAM bassoon case
  • Wing joint swabs
  • Care cloth

Additional features

  • Seasoned flame maple from Alps
  • Thickly-layered silver plated
  • Additional keys and rollers
  • Sterling silver keys
  • Divided long joint
  • Sterling silver tubes extending into the bore
  • Balance holder
  • Anti-luft sleeve